Skills Ready - Model

Do you have the skilled labor we need for our project?

What are the wages for these occupations?

Smart Solutions Group has developed a web-based model that will provide an immediate answer to this question for a specific economic development project. A Model is developed for each of your target sectors or clusters. The Skills Ready Model is easy to use and generates a report that contains employment and wage information by occupation for your labor market.

To access the Model, the prospect or consultant will click on a link on your website. The Model will ask them to select the industry sector for this project and to enter the number of employees by job title based on the Department of Labor’s Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) system. Or you can enter the project information for them. In addition, you can create your own project scenarios for use in marketing programs. Based on the job information that is entered, a report is generated and sent almost immediately that shows the following information:

  • The number of workers by occupation needed for the project
  • The number of workers in the labor market that are employed in each of the occupations
  • For each occupation, the number of workers that have skills compatible to the occupation
  • Wage information by occupation for your labor market, state, and the nation

The data in the Report comes primarily from quarterly data issued by Bureau of Labor Statistics. Quarterly, semi-annual, and annual updates are available for the Report.

For counties or regions that have their properties and buildings listed on the Location One Information System (LOIS), links will be placed on LOIS to provide access to your Models.

If you would like to use the Model, you can click here to use a demo version of the Model for the Manufacturing Sector.

Skills Ready Profile Example
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